Living Library

In 2020, A Festival of Oddities will feature a Living Library- an assembly of true crime, paranormal, and fictional horror authors from all over Michigan. You will have a chance to meet and chat with the authors, take photos with them, and purchase autographed copies of their books.

 Tobin T. Buhk An aficionado of dark history with a twist, Buhk specializes in historic true crime. To research his first book, he spent a year volunteering in a real-life morgue. His works include: Pardonable Matricide, True Crime in the Civil War, Cause of Death, True Crime: Michigan, Wicked Women of Detroit, Poisoning the Pecks of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Strychnine Saint, The Shocking Story of Helmuth Schmidt, Skeletons in the Closet, Murder and Mayhem in Grand Rapids, and Memphis Vice, 1863.

Kat Tedsen  Co-author of the award winning trilogy Haunted Travels of Michigan, Kat Tedsen spent over a decade investigating America’s most haunted locations with her sister Bev Rydel, including the Courthouse Square Museum where our festival is being held. There is a chapter in the third Haunted Travels book dedicated to the courthouse.


Rod Sadler A 30 year veteran police officer, Sadler put his fascination with true crime to paper once he retired. His works about murder in Michigan include To Hell I Must Go and A Slayer Waits.



Amberrose Hammond Hammond has researched legends, ghost stories, haunted places, old true crime and other topics in Michigan since 2000. She owns and curates Michigan’s Otherside, a website exploring all things strange and unusual in the Great Lakes state and is the author of Ghosts & Legends of Michigan’s West Coast, Wicked Ottawa County, and Wicked Grand Rapids. She is also a co-host on the podcast Ghostly Talk.


Ruin Road Kyle Brooky and Jimmy Peterman have spent years exploring abandoned, haunted, and terrifyingly fun places across the country. Brooky is also the author of Abandoned Michigan, Abandoned Michigan: Doorways to Decay, and Abandoned Detroit.


Jenn Carpenter The author of Haunted Lansing, Carpenter is also the owner of Demented Mitten Tours and co-host of So Dead Podcast. As the founder of Scream Queen Productions, she started A Festival of Oddities in 2019.


John Robinson John has spent 53 years in the media/entertainment field as a rock musician/singer, TV host, author, columnist, actor, producer, emcee, and radio broadcaster. His books include Paranormal Michigan, Paranormal Michigan 2, Johnny’s Jukebox Trivia, Johnny’s Vintage Rock ‘n Roll Q&A and children’s book Steve The Cat. Listen to John’s radio show on 99.1 WFMK weekdays, 3-7pm EST.


Kristy Robinett  A world-renowned psychic medium, Kristy uses her gift to heal hearts and bring clarity to confusion. She lectures all over the country, and has written more than a dozen books, including Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore and Ghosts of Southeast Michigan.


John K. Addis Addis is the author of The Eaton, a best-selling historical fiction novel set in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Spanning over 100 years of mid-Michigan history, The Eaton tells the story of Sam Spicer, a young entrepreneur who purchases the dilapidated Michigan Central Railroad Depot in Eaton Rapids with the dream of opening a hot new martini bar. But when he and his friends discover an abandoned underground hotel directly beneath the property, they must discover what happened to the original guests—before their own time runs out.

Roxanne Rhoads– Roxanne is the owner of Bewitching Book Tours, a virtual book tour and social media makrketing company. She is the coauthor of the best-seller Haunted Flint.



 C. Greenshields– Greenshields is the author of the gothic horror series, The Witch of Seven Gables. The Whiting family has no idea what hell is in store for them. They are drawn into a downward spiral of psychological and supernatural torture . The Great Beast has turned its will against all that would stand in the way of the immolation of all mankind. Unwittingly, John Whiting built his home and brought his family into the lair of The Witch of Seven Gables.

Allison Spooner Allison has released two collections of short stories, Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction and The Problem With Humans and Other Stories.



Eric T. Alli Ten years of historical research went into Alli’s first book, Counterfeit Justice: The True Story of 19th Century Organized Crime. The result is an in-depth look at the Midwest’s long-forgotten history. Long before the days of Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, and other prohibition era gangsters, existed an organized crime syndicate which lasted almost one hundred years. 19th century organized crime plagued the Midwest at a time when many areas were just being settled. The gang spanned across many states into Canada. This dark era in American history has all but been lost until now.